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Planning Advice

The Glebe Court Owners Association needs to approve most of Glebe Court's planning applications before they can be fully permitted by Southampton City Council.

The Association meets at least four times a year and will consider applications and enquiries submitted in full at least 14 days prior to these meetings.

The next meetings are published on the homepage of this website under the ‘Comments, News and Events’ section. The committee can be contacted by email:
residents@glebecourt.com. You can also send any supporting documents to this email address.

Why Do I Need Permission?

Glebe Court is a protected conservation area with an
Article 4 Direction in place restricting development and building works to the properties. This includes paint colours, types of windows, repairs to the brickwork and many other commonly permitted changes. You can find more details here and residents are welcome to contact the Association for advice.

Glebe Court is also protected against HMOs, or Homes of Multiple Occupation. This restricts the amount of non-related people that can live in any single residence. This legislation is typically applied to rental properties. A full explanation can be found

In the first instance, with any planning enquiry or renovation project, we encourage you to
contact the Glebe Court Owners Association for friendly and helpful advice. Please note the association is a voluntary organisation, so responses to emails can take a little longer than expected.

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Useful Links & Downloads


This helpful document provides information about life in Glebe Court along with important details regarding building and maintenance restrictions. The welcome pack can be downloaded as a PDF here.


Useful guidance on applicable maintenance and planning restrictions. This leaflet was produced by Southampton City Council. This document is also accessible via the top link in this section.


Further useful guidance on applicable conservation restrictions. This document also offers helpful details on appropriate methods of repair and maintenance to brickwork, guttering, windows, garage doors and more. This booklet was produced by Southampton City Council. This document is also accessible via the top link in this section.


Not every home in Glebe Court is subject to an Article 4 Direction. This Southampton City Council document contains the necessary details.


UPVC double glazing is not permitted within Glebe Court, but secondary glazing remains a cost effective, efficient alternative. This guide was written in 2012 by one of the residents of the court.


    Contact The Glebe Court Owners Association